Family name:Schreiber
Name (civic):Bernát (Bernard)
Name (Hebrew):Simcha Bunim (“Shevet Sofer”)
Patronymic / Matronymic:Shmuel, Chavah Leah
Spouse’s name:Rachel
Date of birth:28 November 1842
Date of death (Hebrew):15 Kislev 5667
Date of death (Gregorian):2 December 1906
Shevet Sofer

Simcha Bunim Schreiber (known as the Shevet Sofer) was a son of the Ketav Sofer and grandson of the Chatam Sofer. Born in Bratislava, he was brilliant student at his father´s yeshiva and became a rabbi. In 1865, he married Rachel Neumann, the daughter of a wealthy textile merchant from Vienna. After three years of Talmud study sponsored by his father-in-law, he moved to Vienna to work in the family business. Even then, he dedicated his time to Torah studies and was involved with the Schiffschul synagogue. When his father passed away in 1871, he was appointed the head of the Pressburg yeshiva and chief rabbi of Bratislava. He reorganized the yeshiva and the elementary school, engaged in political struggles with the Neolog movement and worked intensively on Talmud commentaries, numerous responsa and other works. During his lifetime, Schreiber was recognized as one of major rabbinic authorities of his generation. His health deteriorated and he passed away in Frankfurt, where he had been receiving medical care. At the insistence of the Bratislava Jewish community, he was buried in Bratislava, next to his father Ketav Sofer. His son Akiva Schreiber (1878-1959) became his successor as chief rabbi and head of the yeshiva until 1939.

This stone
which they placed as a remembrance
for the last generation as under it
the righteous man laid his head
he is our master, our teacher, our rabbi, the genius
the head of our people in exile, unique in his generation, sharp and mighty
known throughout the whole nation, descendant of the holy chain
rabbi of the people of the diaspora, the respectful, saintly splendor
our teacher, Rabbi Simcha Bunim Sofer, may the memory of this holy righteous man be blessed
son of our great rabbi, known as Ketav Sofer, of blessed memory, who is
son of our teacher, our rabbi, the saint known as Chatam Sofer, of blessed memory,
chief of the Jewish court, the head of the yeshiva here in the holy community of Pressburg, may G-d protect it
master of the Torah, the light of the exile, cherished by people of Israel he was
from out of the brilliance that is before him in an extra radiance the land glows from his light
a wise ploughman will ask for direction, a ship in the middle of the sea of both Talmuds
he pulled out pearls, he straightened uneven path in teachings
when still young he was raised to the chair to fill the place of his forefathers
and for thirty-five years he served as the head of the rabbinical house
from the cities of his congregations thousands of young scholars flew to him, gathered from the morning
to satisfy their thirst from his wells of wisdom, yearning to hear his great teachings
relate to Zion [the Jewish people], praises of this great man are many to be engraved
and for that eulogize him and glorify him as all joy will be pleasing!
he is not anymore with us therefore our faces filled with gloom when the terrible rumor came that his soul had left
the people and the rabbi cried bitterly while he was brought to his holy resting place


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