Family name:Schreiber
Name (civic):Samuel
Name (Hebrew):Abraham Shmuel Benjamin (“Ketav Sofer”)
Patronymic/Matronymic:Moshe, Sarel
Spouse’s name:Chavah Leah Weiss
Date of birth: 13 March 1815
Date of death (Hebrew):19 Tevet 5632
Date of death (Gregorian):31 December 1871
Ketav Sofer

Samuel Schreiber (known as the Ketav Sofer) was a son of the renowned Pressburg rabbi Chatam Sofer. He studied at his father’s yeshiva, became a rabbi, married and had ten children (6 sons and 4 daughters). When the Chatam Sofer passed away in 1839, he was appointed chief rabbi of Bratislava and head of the Pressburg yeshiva, which was at that time the most prominent center of Jewish learning in the country. In 1868-1869, Schreiber participated in the Pest Jewish Congress, where here represented the moderate Orthodox wing. When he passed away, his son Simcha Bunim Schreiber (“Shevet Sofer”, d. 1906) became his successor as chief rabbi and head of the yeshiva. He is buried next to him.

Our arch was taken and this stone is the last memorial to
a man who was Israel’s crowning splendor
the head of our nation in diaspora
our master, our teacher, our rabbi, the real genius, known
throughout the nation of Israel, great was his name, righteous
and exalted rabbi of the people of the diaspora, the respectful, saintly splendor our teacher, rabbi
Avraham Shmuel Benjamin Sofer may the memory of this holy righteous man be blessed
chief of the Jewish court, head of the yeshiva here in the holy community of Pressburg
he was a man who foresaw, a crown of the wise and knowledgeable men
he dived into the depths of the Talmud’s sea like earlier sages
the head of the rabbis, descendant of splendid genius
people were looking up to him and flew to him, like a hill everyone turns to
he enlightened the eyes of the sages, great and mighty
he served in his rabbinical crown for thirty-two years
the whole earth was lit from his greatness like the sun at noon
thousands of young scholars gathered from distant lands
to hear his powerful words explaining Torah conjectures, eager to slake their thirst from the fount of his wisdom
the house of Israel was like a great tower with fortified walls
he was standing firm as strong walls against opponents
he was unique in his generation, his name was praiseworthy throughout the world
while he was holding in his hands the pillars of the faith he was standing against all who wanted to break the tradition
with his pleasantness he defeated all who were bad
everyone bitterly eulogized and cried for that sorrowful moment
rivers of tears were poured out when the leader of the generation was brought to his resting place


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YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe





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