Section 4

Section 4 is a prominent part of the cemetery, containing the graves of the Kohanim, Levites, rabbis and other well-known and wealthy members of the Jewish community. A forged railing runs along its southern edge. Nearby, the old ceremonial hall used to serve as an entrance to the cemetery site. It was demolished in the interwar period, after the new ceremonial hall had been constructed. The section has 34 rows of grave sites. The graves in this section date back to different periods. Various types of gravestone are used here, from simple matzevot to opulent granite obelisks.
Cemetery records, pages 58-113

Notable personalities:

Row 3 - Wives and female relatives of prominent rabbis

Rachel Prys, granddaughter of the Chatam Sofer, (1854?-1944), [4/3/3]
Henrietta Gross, granddaughter of the Chatam Sofer, (1860?-1941), [4/3/4]
Hadassa Deutsch, wife of Rabbi Juda Deutsch, [4/3/4a]
Hanna Friedman, wife of Rabbi Leopold Friedman, [4/3/5]
Rochel Schreiber, wife of the Shevet Sofer, (1848?-1916), [4/3/6]
Miriam Fischmann, wife of Rabbi Feisch Fischmann, [4/3/7]
Brocho Neumann, wife of Rabbi David Neumann, [4/3/8]
Chava Lea Schreiber, wife of the Ketav Sofer, (1816-1892), [4/3/9]
Simche Lehmann, daughter of the Chatam Sofer, (1821-1911), [4/3/10]

Ignatz (Itzik) Deutsch, "Protector of the Holy Land", imperial-royal court money changer, [4/5/9]

Herman Weinberger, retired imperial-royal chief physician, head of the local Jewish hospital, [4/19/19]

Row 4

Gitel Spitzer, daughter of the Chatam Sofer, wife of Rabbi Zalman Spitzer, (1815-1873), [4/4/11]

Row 10 - Representatives of the community

Heinrich Chaim Brill, community benefactor, (d. 1854), [4/10/6]
Wolf Benjamin Pappenheim, (1776-1848), [4/10/10]
Kalman Pappenheim, (1816-1869), [4/10/11]
Philipp Rafael Bettelheim, Chairman of the Orthodox Community, (d. 1874), [4/10/12]

Row 11 - Prominent rabbis

Simon Hirschler, Rabbi of Modra, [4/11/1]
Leopold Rubinstein, Rabbi, Bratislava, a religious judge (dayan), [4/11/2]
Leopold Friedman, Rabbi, Bratislava, [4/11/3]
David Neumann-Lackenbach, Rabbi, (1821-1908), [4/11/4]
Moses Berger, Rabbi, [4/11/5]
Feisch Fischmann, Rabbi, [4/11/6]
Bernat Schreiber, Chief Rabbi, Ketav Sofer, son of the Chatam Sofer, [4/11/7]
Samuel (Abraham) Schreiber, Chief Rabbi, Shevet Sofer, son of the Ketav Sofer [4/11/8]
Zalman Bonyhád, Rabbi, [4/11/9]
Natan Wolf Lieber, Rabbi, [4/11/10]
Moses Arie Loeb (Letsch) Rosenbaum, Rabbi, [4/11/11]
Simon Oppenheim, Rabbi, [4/11/12]

The section for the Kohanim is located on the eastern side, in burial lots No.s 22-24

Orthodox cemetery, Section 4
Section 4
Section 4




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